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Elevation: it means taking you higher. Practical Bass is all about elevating through knowledge. We’ll help you with the knowledge, skills, and gear you need to get to work. Forget about endless debates on forums. We focus on what you want — helpful advice from real, gigging musicians.

Lots of sites will give you theory lessons. Scales, modes, fingerings, etudes, studies, and more. And they’re absolutely fantastic. But this site isn’t about theoretical bass. It’s about what happens when you step into a session, rehearsal, or gig. This site is all about practical.

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Our mission

We help you with the 10,000 other details that can elevate your gig. And we do it with respect for you and your time. Learning the hard way isn’t always bad. After all, nothing teaches quite like experience. But rehearsal and gigs aren’t where you want to learn the hard way. Our job is to help you avoid those landmines when you need to get the job done.

And we take that job seriously. Not only that, but we take you seriously, whatever your skill level. So here’s our promise to you: No judgment. No trolls. No B.S. 100% real-life, helpful tips to elevate your gear and your gigs.

Is this for me?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone, from beginners to working musicians, is welcome. Whether you’ve played for thousands or just dreamed of it, Practical Bass is for you. Our mission is to help you save time and aggravation, and achieve your goal of making great music.

How do I get started?

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