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Episode 061: Season 2 Wrap-up
Episode 061: Season 2 Wrap-up
The end of Season 2 is a great time to look back and see what resonated the most.
Episode 060: Ted Gould III aka Blyss (Part 2)
Episode 060: Ted Gould III aka Blyss (Part 2)
Part 2 of our interview with NOLA/Bay Area bassist Ted Gould III aka Blyss -- Guru level dos and don'ts to get and keep the...
Episode 059: Ted Gould III aka Blyss (Part 1)
Episode 059: Ted Gould III aka Blyss (Part 1)
Part 1 of our interview with NOLA/Bay Area bassist Ted Gould III -- Half origin story, half real talk about getting and keeping the gig.

Practical Bass: The #1 podcast of practical advice for working bassists.

Practical Bass is the #1 podcast for focusing on the practical aspects of being a bass player.

Practical Bass is where to go when you want straight talk about bass, from working bass players just like you. Our mission is to save you time and effort as you learn your craft. And bass playing is a craft, just like building guitars, running a restaurant, or designing buildings. Just like these other crafts, there are a thousand factors that go into being great at the craft.

How do you figure out those thousand other things? That’s where Practical Bass comes in. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve worked everywhere from dive bars to big stages. And we’re here to help. Whether you hold down the low end once a week, or every day and night — we’ve got your back.

We want to cut through the noise and help you with tidbits you might have missed. And we’re here to listen to you. Let us know what you want to know.

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This podcast is a great companion for your favorite instructional sites. We go further into hands-on topics, such as:

  • Intonating your instrument
  • Mastering common gear such as compressors and preamps
  • Choosing the gear that’s right for the gig
  • How to get organized and make the positive impression you want
  • Business and legal matters (even for local musicians!)

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All killer, no filler.

Practical Bass is your home for straight-up advice and guidance on making your gigs and gear rock. Learn how to use your equipment, choose the right accessories, prep for your rehearsals and gigs, and deliver on the job so you get the callbacks you want. Delivered regularly with humor and confidence by experienced players.