Episode 017: In Search of the Killer Sub Player

What to look for in a sub player, and how to slay the gig when you’re filling in for someone.

Music: Jahzzar, Please Listen Carefully; spinningmerkaba, Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix).

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Show notes

What to look for in a sub player

  • Experience
  • Compatible with band
  • Able to take shorthand notes (not that kind)
  • Do some homework, take it seriously
  • Has the gear to carry the gig


What should the sub do?

  • Contact before so they know you’re on the case, establish where/when etc.
  • Try to establish some camaraderie with the band, set them at ease
  • Let them know you’re open to feedback
  • Show up prepared and on time
  • Listen way more than you speak
  • Thank the band for letting you sit in

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