Episode 029: Amps, amps, and more amps

Episode 029: Amps, amps, and more amps

Practical Bass
Practical Bass
Episode 029: Amps, amps, and more amps

What one bass amplifier could you not live without? Your hosts share their stories of amps past and present.

How many amps does one bassist need? The minimalist and the bargain hunter have at it!

What was your first amp?

  • Dave:
    • Peavy Minx 1×15 – got it used in ‘95 – It was better than playing electric bass acoustically? Just died a little over a year ago!
  • Paul:
    • A Peavey Minx, 40W with an 8” speaker that I got in 1989.

Anything you owned or got rid of over the years?

All right, fess up, how many do you own?

Do you really need so many?

  • Paul:
    • LOL, no
    • Maybe two… like a big amp, and a smaller one?
    • Dave, ideally how many amps would you have? Any dream amp you’d love to own?
  • Dave:
    • I need more. It’s a new obsession swiftly moving in – Don’t tell my wife
    • I would like to go back to a full rig so I can keep one in studio, one for small venues and one for larger spaces
    • Traveler 102 (2×10) add on to combo may make the most sense for now (500W)
    • Today, wish list includes DNA 800 (w/410) or with an LDS custom cabinet

Anything else we can say about amps?

  • As collectible as basses 😉

Photo by PJ Nelson, Bass & Amp, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Flickr.

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