Episode 039: How We Spent Our Winter Vacation

Episode 039: How We Spent Our Winter Vacation

Practical Bass
Practical Bass
Episode 039: How We Spent Our Winter Vacation

How did we manage to spend even more time recording together over the season break, and still like each other?

VaMos band recorded here at the home studio

  • It was serious enough Paul finally named the studio
  • Dave — Describe the project and the goals

Dave, what were you most worried about walking in? And how did you deal with it?

  • Having the parts come through as intended — felt safe doing that
  • Corralling the band, keeping things working properly

Paul, what about you?

  • First time recording people other than myself, it was all about their songs
    • Artist relationship as well as friends
    • A few people had done recording before
  • Making sure I had the chops and the gear to make sure they weren’t waiting on me
    • A lot of work ahead of time
    • Sorting out gear, cables, connections, testing lines, etc.
    • A lot of reading and also YouTube to check my approach
    • Assistant engineering

The process

  • What you expected and what you ended up doing
  • Bassist plus band leader

What surprised you the most?

  • Dave
    • More production vs getting in and out
  • Paul
    • How much I enjoyed being on the outside
  • Dave: another outlet for music energy other than gigs

Photo by Michael Weibel on Unsplash.

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