Episode 042: The Effective Practice Space (I)

Episode 042: The Effective Practice Space (I)

Practical Bass
Practical Bass
Episode 042: The Effective Practice Space (I)

A good practice space helps you have focus and inspiration. Here are some tips for setting yours up.

Show notes

How to make your practice space effective

  • Comfortable place to sit for a couple hours
    • A good drum throne works great (Roc N Soc)
    • Or an appropriately padded musician stool (barstool?)
    • Adjustable, maybe arms drop down or you can swivel/roll without having to get up to do other things
    • Maintain good posture
    • Don’t forget you might want to stand to feel like a performance
  • Free of clutter and distractions
    • Maybe also some nice environmental things to make you feel happy/relaxed
    • Wall hanging? a lava lamp? particular rug? a picture or painting that inspires?
  • Fairly temperature/humidity controlled, most places in a house work fine
  • Instrument, amp, gear are always there and ready
    • Reliable power
    • Guitar stand
    • Pedalboard is there
  • All cables needed are in place in the practice space
  • Ways to play music you’re learning
    • Consider not using a computer for this?
    • Bluetooth speaker for phone
    • Audio interface?
  • Notebook with pen or pencil
  • Stand for iPad/tablet or phone?
  • Something to record yourself
    • Might be that same iPad, tablet, computer, or phone
    • If you want next level, might have a cheap audio interface for $69 or $99 to feed to your device or computer that lets you record higher fidelity bass

Photo by Thomas Litangen on Unsplash. Music: JahzzarPlease Listen CarefullyspinningmerkabaUrbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix).