Episode 006: What’s in Your Bag?

Episode 006: What’s in Your Bag?

Practical Bass
Practical Bass
Episode 006: What's in Your Bag?

Being prepared isn’t just about knowing the tunes. What do you carry to make yourself successful?

Music: Jahzzar, Please Listen Carefully; spinningmerkaba, Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)

Show notes

  • Do you have a small pouch for your gigs? Can you cram everything you need into the side of your bass case? Or do you wheel around a flight case full of gear?
  • How many basses?
    • Dave
      • Living on the edge: One + Car stash of 9V, tool pouch, and strings
      • My pack light obsession – Most recent tweak commentary
        • Yesterday I time-blocked to work on minimization
    • Paul
      • Usually bring two, since so many gigs are not close to home
      • If I bring one, I make sure if it’s active it has a passive switch
  • What do we BOTH carry?
    • Guitar cables
    • Mic + XLR
    • Batteries
    • Tablet/iPad and holder
    • Ear protection
    • Tools – multi driver, Leatherman, Allen wrenches
    • Extra strings
    • Marketing stuff – business cards, schedule, etc.
    • Mic stand plate / drink holder
    • Pen & Sharpie
  • Dave’s bag contains – (This is so personal!) Hip little satchel – Mostly for past bandmate experiences – The bassist is always reliable!
    • 2 power cords
    • Checkbook
    • Duct Tape & Painters Tape
    • Marketing stuff
    • 2 Pedals
    • 2 coupler cables
    • Ear buds
    • 5 Hour
  • Paul’s bag contains
    • Compressor pedal w/ power and lead
    • Polish + cloth
    • Painkillers + a mini bottle of Jack Daniel’s 🙂
    • Cable tester
  • Let’s hear from listeners… what did you not hear in our lists that you can’t live without?

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