Episode 046: Meddlin’ with Pedals

Episode 046: Meddlin’ with Pedals

Practical Bass
Episode 046: Meddlin' with Pedals

Which approach is better, a multi-effects unit or separate pedals? Turns out, it depends mostly on you.

Show notes

Which are you using?


  • Complete customization
  • Investment size
  • Get boutique style in every component — as crazy as you want to be
  • Order of effects? GO CRAZY
  • Number of effects? GO CRAZY
  • Matching levels
  • Cables for connecting?
  • Power considerations?
  • You might get… PEDAL FEVER!!!


  • Usually lots of variety in one unit for each effect type (5 compressors, 8 choruses, etc.)
  • But limited to what the manufacturer ships
  • No level matching worries, but…
  • Probably limited number of effects
  • Depending on how much you pay, may not be able to move order of effects
  • Priority: Convenience

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash. Music: JahzzarPlease Listen CarefullyspinningmerkabaUrbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix).

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