Episode 047: Time Blockin’ Beats

Episode 047: Time Blockin’ Beats

Practical Bass
Episode 047: Time Blockin' Beats

Got a long list of things to do? Try knocking goals out by blocking time and sprinting ahead.

Show notes

What’s the purpose of blocking time?

  • Focus
  • You have a specific goal you need to get to
    • Songs you need to learn for a gig
    • Writing exercises
    • Managing your business/admin duties
  • If you block time, and have a plan, you can get it done more easily

Any other requirements?

  • Environment
    • Don’t put yourself in a distraction situation
    • A timer!
      • Cell phone OK… put it where you can’t look at it until the alarm goes off
      • Egg or cooking timer is better
  • Plan it in your calendar
    • Having a block with no time to execute it is lame
    • Guard that period
    • Each block is like a deal you make with yourself, the only person who can renege on the deal is YOU

How do you do it?

  • Think about how long it will take to get to the goal
    • “Go through this particular scale in every key, up and down, three times” — 15 minutes?
    • “Learn these 3-4 songs completely without errors” — 60 minutes?
    • Be fair but don’t pad time either
  • Write the goal down and put it in front of you
  • Start timer and GO FOR IT
  • If you need more time, set another block (and note on sheet)
  • Depending on size of blocks, do a rest period between them. Should rest at least 5-10 minutes per hour
    • Give yourself mental break
    • OK to distract for a minute
    • Stretch, bathroom, walk around, etc.
    • Avoid RSI’s!

Collecting up results?

  • If these sprints aren’t working
    • Stop and ask yourself why
    • What could you do better?
    • What could be better about your environment or setup that would help?
  • If they are working
    • Think about taking a little time each week or month to look at your block notes
    • Pat yourself on the back for all that hard work!
    • Assess what you know or can do now thanks to dedicating yourself to goals

Brain teaser: Could you apply this to something other than music? OH YEAH.

Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash. Music: The Chemical Brothers, Block Rockin’ Beats; spinningmerkabaUrbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix).

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