Episode 052: The Effective Practice Space (II)

Episode 052: The Effective Practice Space (II)

Practical Bass
Practical Bass
Episode 052: The Effective Practice Space (II)

A good practice space isn’t just equipped well — here’s how to cheaply make it sound better too.

Show notes

What does sounding good mean? (And have you checked out the first episode on this topic?)

  • Sometimes you can describe things by what they’re not
    • Lots of echoes — try clapping your hands and listen for a ring and clatter right after the initial clap
    • Very boomy corners
    • Uneven sound depending where you are, frequencies peaking or dropping out
  • What does sound good?
    • More even frequency response
    • Less room reverberation

How can you achieve a good sound (on the cheap)?

  • Get rid of high frequency ringing and reverberation
  • Cut down on flat surfaces, mainly ceiling and walls
  • Bookcases full of books are a cheap fix for diffusing reverberation (not perfect, but can help)
  • Floor isn’t as important, our ears and brain compensate for that
    • But a rug doesn’t hurt
  • Heavy sound absorbing foam, usually sawtooth shaped cross section
  • Sound panels made of absorbent material, usually covered in fabric
    • Hang from ceiling as well as walls
    • Can also be used to span corners, sometimes in wedge shapes
  • Heavy fabric draped on wall or ceiling cuts down on ring/reverb
    • But not usually effective in corners — unless it’s so heavy you have a hard time hearing through it

Other tips

  • Don’t shove the drummer in an untreated corner
    • Accentuates the worst issues of that part of the room
    • Forces the drummer to get the worst sound, too!
  • This goes for your bass amp too — excessively boomy, mushy sound
  • Use the right size amp for your room

What do you do in your practice space?

  • Dave:
    • Make it a place I want to hang out — chill space as well as working on music
    • The furnishing and other casual stuff also cuts down on echoes
  • Paul:
    • I don’t keep it excessively tidy 🙂
    • I’ve treated it with some sound absorbing foam wedges
    • Lots of bookcases
    • Not above stacking dense junk in the corner either

Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash. Music: JahzzarPlease Listen CarefullyspinningmerkabaUrbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix).

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